Our Literacy Transition Project Blown Away

Today was the launch of our Literacy Transition Project for our children moving onto Primary 1 in August 2017. The children and their parents and carers joined us to listen to the story Blown Away about penguin Blue and his friends.

We all joined together across the campus in Children’s House garden and play rooms to fly Blue and his kite and have a snack together with  our friends going to the same school.

Chinese New Year

The children in Arran room have been busy celebrating Chinese New Year. They are learning that there are 12 animals in Chinese Zodiac. The children enjoyed the story about “The Three Little Pigs” told by Miss Zhou in Chinese. There has been a range of art activities such as writing, Chinese characters with a paint brush, painting facial masks of Beijing opera face painting, dressing up and doing the dragon dance, listening to traditional Chinese music, watching the lion dance on the smart board, etc. The children have also helped to prepare different types of Chinese food: crispy wantons, stir fried rice, noodles, prawn crackers and they also had fun using  chopsticks to eat their food.

Our very own plum jam

The children from Arran room made jam in the nursery.  We collected two types of the plums (red ones and yellow ones) from the plum trees in the garden.  Children washed the plums, measured the ingredients, mixed it all together and made delicious plum jam.  Well done to the boys and girls, plum jam with our scones, bread and crackers for snack it was delicious.

The Launch of our Transition Project

Today was the start of our transition project for our oldest children who will be moving into Primary 1 in August 2016. This year the project is based on the story We’re Going on a Bear Hunt one of our favourites.

On this beautiful sunny day parents and carers who came along to join in the fun and support their children on the start of the next part of their learning journey.

Gillian and Mary two wonderful story tellers from our local library came along to tell us  the story in the nursery garden and to talk tour parents about the project. Together we then went on an amazing journey through the story in the garden with all our family and friends.

We completed two of our six challenges by drawing a picture of what we enjoyed and liked best about the story and the activities we took part in.

With our teddies we read them a story and had a delicious snack.



Chinese New Year

In Arran we celebrated Chinese New Year with Ms. Jo who helped us to make a range of Chinese food including egg fried rice, noodles, dim sun and prawn crackers. It was a challenge for us all learning to use the chop sticks.