Forest Schools


During the Winter term it was Skye class’s turn to brave the weather and tackle the unpredictable terrain of Edinburgh’s own Ellen’s Glen. After donning suits and boots at the nursery they jumped on a minibus and were whisked away to the woods where they engaged in a multitude of activities, in all weather types. As always with Forest Schools the thing the children immediately gravitate towards is the muddy bank. It was a real challenge to climb but using ropes, teamwork and problem solving, the children all managed to get to the top one way or another.

Another week was spent cutting wood using saws, and throwing a rope over some branches to make a swing. During the months spent beneath the trees the children observed the leaves change from green to golden to brown, and experienced the onset of winter first hand.

Something else that stood out was the children’s love of the humble stick. After reading stick man and using sticks for a variety of activities we brought sticks back to nursery to make our own stick men, and stick ladies, and stick dogs, and stick spiders with…!

The last week saw the children invited on a treasure hunt through the woods, exploring their favourite areas, and lastly having a picnic with their newfound prizes.

For full details of what we got up to please ask in Skye to see the Forest Schools book.